6 Best Range Hoods – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2019)

Range hoods are a piece of equipment in kitchens that often get overlooked – but nonetheless, they are actually very important. Speaking in all honesty, how often have you fled the kitchen due to excessive cooking smoke? Or how often have you smelled like steak all day, after you finished cooking? This is why you need to invest in the best range hood – to prevent these kinds of odors from occurring.

However, finding the right range hood might not be such an easy task, as there are so many high-quality products out there on the market that promise great value. However, it might not be that easy to actually choose a high-quality product – which is why some range hood reviews might help you make this decision.

FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Size: 30″
  • CFM: 850
  • Material: Tempered Glass
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Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood

Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood

  • Price: $$$$
  • Size: 30″
  • CFM: 950
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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FIREBIRD New European Style Range Hood

FIREBIRD New European Style Range Hood

  • Price: $$
  • Size: 36″
  • CFM: 343
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood

ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood

  • Price: $$$$
  • Size: 36″
  • CFM: 760
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • Price: $
  • Size: 30″
  • CFM: 200
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • Price: $$$
  • Size: 30″
  • CFM: 900
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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The 6 Best Range Hood Reviews – (Editors’ Choice)

1. FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7501 Range HoodDesigned to be both attractive-looking and efficient, this range hood has had many people lining up for it. It is a perfect addition to every house, particularly if the odors in the kitchen become strong.

This range hood comes with a few extra whistles and bells to make your cooking experience much easier. This way, you’ll know whether the odors are efficiently pulled from the room or not.

The unit is also energy-efficient, which means that it will not add much to the electricity bill either. Plus, it does not require a lot of maintenance, which is why it is very convenient to have in your kitchen.


  • Does not require a lot of maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • The display looks great in modern kitchens


  • The range hood is quite noisy
  • The LED lights make your food appear colorless

2. Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood

Hauslane Chef Series Range HoodIf you are looking for a powerful range hood that can handle a great load of cooking odor, then you might want to consider this item. Featuring 950 CFM and dual motors, you may prepare your favorite meal without worrying about any unwanted scents sticking to your clothes.

The unit also features an innovative steam auto-cleaning system. This feature will turn water into steam so that cold grease is dissolved. After this, all you will have to do is spray some water on your range hood, and you’ll be able to get it clean in a couple of minutes.

The range hood also comes with a button-less sleek design, along with a display that allows you to see every setting. Plus, the range hood is very compact considering the power that it offers. You may easily install it under a cabinet.


  • Sleek and elegant design that works with every modern kitchen
  • Easy to maintain due to steam auto-clean
  • Bright LED illumination that allows you to properly see what you are cooking


  • There is a constant humming at the lowest setting

3. FIREBIRD New European Style Range Hood

FIREBIRD New European Style Range HoodSome people want their kitchens to look as elegant just as they appear professional – which is why this Firebird range hood is such an attractive choice. Featuring a stainless-steel design, this one is mounted on the wall and climbs up.

This range hood also has a 194W motor that is strong enough to suck up all the cooking steam and odors – and you may choose any of the three speeds to do that. Therefore, if you are cooking something that smells particularly strong, then this unit might very easily help you out.

The range hood is also very practical and quiet – even at its lowest setting. This means that even if you are cooking something that requires its full motor power, you won’t have to deafen yourself listening to the noise. You also won’t have to yell in the kitchen to make yourself heard either.


  • Relatively quiet action even on a high setting
  • Made from durable and sleek materials
  • Premium power that can efficiently pull away all the odors


  • Takes a rather large space
  • The venting power is quite weak for some people

4. ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood

ZLINE Wall Mount Range HoodIf you want a mix of simplicity and efficiency, then this model won’t be a disappointment to anyone. This one doesn’t have any bells, nor does it possess any whistles – it just has the basics of what you are supposed to find in a range hood.

Weighing only 44 pounds, this unit is more efficient in comparison to other similar models. This means that it will be much easier for you to install it once you purchase it. At most, all you will need is one more person to hold it for you while you secure it.

The motor features four different speeds – which makes it more customizable compared to most units that only have three speeds. It also features an automatic shut-off function that turns off your range hood after you finish cooking – and this way, you will not have to return to the kitchen and turn it off yourself.


  • The automatic shut-off function saves you power and time
  • Simplistic yet efficient design
  • Allows you to choose from four different speeds


  • The highest speed may be fairly loud
  • Fitting the range hood’s filter may be rather tricky

5. Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range HoodIf you do not have a lot of space to spare in your kitchen, you might greatly appreciate this model. With its slim design that is focused on space-saving, this range hood is perfect for apartments, condos, or houses that have a small kitchen.

While small, this range hood is very efficient in its job. It has a powerful yet quiet motor that can be set to three different speeds – depending on what exactly you are planning to cook that day.

The unit also features high-quality multi-layered filtration. The durable and reusable mesh filters made from aluminum will trap all the stray grease and oil – protecting the life of your range hood. Plus, you may always clean and reuse those filters every time, as they can be used for prolonged periods.


  • Efficient in neutralizing odors, airborne viruses, and toxins
  • Quiet action during its running time
  • High-quality filtration system


  • The installation may be rather complicated

6. Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range HoodIf you are tired of having a loud range hood continuously buzzing in your ears, then you might want to give this unit a try. Featuring two centrifugal motors along with a good ventilation system, this device can easily take out the odors from your kitchen without the added loudness.

The unit is also equipped with some very easy to clean filters. These Arc Flow permanent filters can be taken out at any time and cleaned in the dishwasher – only to be used again. There is no need to replace them, which will certainly save you on the costs.

Aside from its contemporary design, this model also comes with a generous 5-year limited warranty. This way, if anything happens to your range hood, during that time, you know you can easily have the parts – or the entire unit – replaced.


  • Contemporary sleek design
  • Quiet action as you are cooking
  • A generous warranty that gives you great coverage


  • Some still say that the range hood is fairly loud
  • The instructions’ manual is not very clear

The Range Hood – What It Is and What It Does?

Range Hood ReviewsA range hood – also referred to as a kitchen hood – is one of the most important appliances that you may have in your kitchen. If you are a person that cooks, you have probably noticed how steam and food odors tend to be circling in your kitchen whenever you have something on the stove. Those odors tend to get stuck in your kitchen and clothing – and won’t go away unless you ventilate the place.

However, a range hood might be able to help you out in that regard. Featuring a canopy or some frame to act as a “capture area,” a blower motor or some centrifugal fans, this unit helps to extract the pollution occurring in the air as you are cooking.

This kitchen appliance will not allow the odors and moisture to become impregnated in your kitchen – but instead, it will capture them right at the source. This way, the air quality will be maintained, and it will be much easier for you to keep the place nice and clean, without the need for an extra air purifier or dehumidifier.

Buying Guide: Features to Look for When Shopping for a Range Hood

When it comes to range hoods, there are certain aspects that you might want to keep in mind when you are making your purchase. Here are some of those aspects:

  • Installation Type

When it comes to installation, each range hood will come with its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, while some units can be installed almost immediately, others require quite a bit of handiwork. It may be more expensive to install a certain range hood than what you would normally have to pay for the actual range hood – so, you need to consider the installation costs as well.

For example, some range hoods might require you to remodel your entire kitchen or to drill holes inside your wall to get it look the way you want it to. These remodeling costs can become quite costly – and you need to consider whether you can take it out of your pocket or not.

  • Ducting

Here, you have to consider whether you want to get a ductless or a downdraft hood. If you don’t already have a built-in duct, then the costs of installing your new range hood will be quite high. You will most likely need a professional to get your system up and running.

For this reason, you might want to look at your budget and then look at the costs that come with both downdraft and ductless hoods. In either case, you might want to go with the one that causes the least damage to your time and money.

  • Size

The size of your range hood should depend on the size of your stove – but also the kind of furniture that you have in your kitchen.

For instance, if you already have kitchen cabinets surrounding your range hood, then you might want to go for a model that is the same size as your stove – or maybe even smaller. This is because the cabinets will act smoke funnels, pulling the smoke up and into the ductwork.

On the other hand, if you do not have any cabinets near your range hood, then you might want to go for a larger range hood instead. Without the cabinets, the smoke and steam will spread all around the hood – which means that you’ll have to use more electricity to eventually “clear” the air.

  • Power (CFM)

Some manufacturers make it a very big deal to show off the CFM rating of the hood – but there is more to this story than this. Indeed, the CFM is a great deciding factor – but it is also something that should be considered together with a bunch of other factors.

CFM stands for cubic feet per meter – and to put it simply, it shows exactly how much air can be moved through the system in only one minute.

The CFM is greatly influenced by the hood placement (whether it is high enough above the stove or not), as well as the quality of your filters. If these aspects are not proper and prime, then you may have a fancy range hood with a high CFM – but it still won’t be able to suck up all the smoke, steam, and cooking odors that are occurring.

  • Filter

Speaking of filters, this is one more thing that you should carefully consider. Like AC filters, every range hood will feature some kind of filter to catch the air pollutants and the grease “flying” from your food. So, this part of a range hood is certainly something you never want to go without – at least not if you want your unit lo live well past its warranty.

You can find multiple types of filters on the market, but the most common ones are activated charcoal filters, aluminum mesh filters, and stainless-steel filters. Activated charcoal filters are good for ductless range hoods, whereas the other two are mostly recommended for downdraft range hoods.

  • Speed Settings

How many speed settings does your range hood of choice have? Most of them generally have three-speed settings – but depending on the model, you may find units with two or more than four. Each manufacturer is unique in regards to what they make their models do – and since each food will have a different kind of smell, you might want to make sure that the speeds you have can adjust exactly to the foods that you are cooking.

  • Noise Level

When you are cooking all day in the kitchen, the last thing that you probably want is a loud range hood that seems like it’s about to take off any minute now. In some cases, you’ll be so tired of the noise that you won’t even want to turn the range hood on altogether – and you can only hope that an open window is enough to do the trick.

However, there are some very good range hoods on the market that won’t create as much noise as the average unit – and that mostly depends on the ventilation system that it uses. Granted, each range hood will produce a certain level of noise – the only deciding factor being “which one produces the least noise on the highest setting.”

Why You Should Use a Range Hood

Best Range HoodsThere are many reasons why you would need a range hood – and you might already be familiar with them if you have a kitchen that you use on a regular basis. You know how difficult it is to rid yourself of that odor once it went and “captured” every item in your kitchen.

If you haven’t yet considered the purchase of a range hood, here are some good reasons why you might want to add one to your kitchen renovation list.

  1. It Improves the Air Quality

Range hoods are very good at clearing unwanted odors, as well as smoke and heat. In other words, they will improve air quality, making it much easier for you to breathe.

When you are cooking, countless pollutants are sent into the air. Those pollutants will attach themselves to your hair and clothes – but they will also stick to your other appliances and the walls.

Those stagnant scents are very uncomfortable to breathe in – which might cause you to avoid entering the kitchen altogether. This is why investing in a good range hood might actually improve your life quality.

  1. It Reduces the Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is often released when you are cooking in the kitchen – and when inhaled, that gas can be very dangerous to your health. Carbon monoxide poisoning may have symptoms that look like the flu – when you don’t actually have the flu. It might sound insignificant, but prolonged exposure might lead to lung problems and even cancer.

Most people have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their homes, exactly to tell them when there is a high buildup of carbon mo0noxide in the air. However, if you have a range hood in your home that clears out the air, this situation might be prevented altogether.

  1. It Prevents Excessive Heat

One of the most common drawbacks of cooking is that things tend to get rather hot in the kitchen. In most cases, if you want to obtain some good results, you need to be willing to take on that heat.

Plus, you won’t only be exposed to heat – you’ll be exposed to smoke and steam as well. There is nothing much that can rival that kind of discomfort. As a result, if you don’t want to be sweating out all of your bodily liquids each time you are cooking, you might want to invest in a range hood. It is a very good way to remain cool and prevent discomfort.

  1. It Lets You Experiment with Different Cuisine

Let’s say that you want to experiment with a particular dish or spice that has a very strong smell. When you know that this smell will remain imprinted in your kitchen, you’ll be less inclined to try it out.

However, a good range hood should be able to remove that smell before it manages to spread. It should be able to remove even the smell of Surströmming – a delicacy of the Swedish cuisine, but one that has a reason to be banned from being opened in a public place.

  1. It Keeps Your Kitchen Clean

When you are cooking, a lot of your food can end up in areas close by to your stove – which is why your walls end up looking greasy and moist. Still, a good range hood should be able to pull up those particles so that it won’t end up on your walls.

Plus, when there is a lot of moisture in the room, you risk the formation of mold. Since a range hood prevents the buildup of moisture, it will also prevent mold from forming on your kitchen walls.

The Main Types of Range Hoods

When it comes to types of range hoods, there are several types that you may go for. These types include the following:

  • Ductless Range Hoods: very convenient if you do not already have a venting system to the outside, this one will take out the kitchen air, filter it of all the pollutants, and send it right back to your kitchen – like an air purifier for smoke.
  • Under-the-Cabinet Range Hood: As the name suggests, these range hoods are designed to be placed under cabinets, for more aesthetic purposes. Bear in mind that the potential ductwork of these cabinets can take a lot of space in your cabinets.
  • Wall-Chimney Range Hoods: Wall-chimney range hoods are not hidden beneath a cabinet – and they elegantly climb up the wall. They were made to be seen.
  • Downdraft Range Hoods: Used mostly on kitchen islands, these are used when you can’t place the range hood on the wall – and simply have to hang them from the ceiling. They will be slightly more expensive.

Depending on your budget and your kitchen’s design, you might choose the one that is most suitable for you.

How to Install a Range Hood in a Few Steps

If you want to install your own range hood in your kitchen, here are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. If you already have an old hood, you might want to begin by detaching the wires, unscrewing the nuts, and removing it.
  2. Mount the new range hood. You may want to read the instructions manual, as each model has unique requirements.
  3. Attach the wiring, connecting the fan and the light wires to each respective powerpoint in the wall.
  4. Screw the cover of the hood back on, and check whether everything is placed nicely together or not.
  5. Plug in the circuit and turn the range hood on to ensure that it works fine.

Depending on the range hood and whether you have to go for ducting or ductless, you may want to ask a professional to install the range hood for you.

How Can You Properly Maintain Your Range Hood

Benefits of Range HoodsIf you want your range hood to last for longer, you will need to properly maintain it. First of all, you will have to clean it on the outside – as the grease and moisture will certainly get to it. Most importantly, however, you will have to clean it on the inside – so that it takes out the “bad air” properly.

Like with furnace filters, you might want to clean or replace the filters at some point. Charcoal filters will have to be removed – but metal or other types of filters might also be washed. Make sure that you use gentle actions, as filters may be damaged quickly. You may finish the maintenance by cleaning the vent and the fan.

FAQ and Answers about Range Hoods

  • Can I install the range hood by myself?

If you already have the knowledge, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. However, if you don’t, you might want to hire a professional in the field. You’ll need them to properly hold the range hood and to connect the wirings, which can be dangerous.

  • How often do I have to replace the filters?

The filters of your range hood should be replaced once every year – at least those that were not made from metal. Leaving them any more than that might cause them to lose their functionality – leaving your kitchen smelling like you don’t even have a range hood in the first place.

  • How quiet are range hoods truthfully?

A range hood might be advertised as “quiet,” but you will still be able to hear the noise at the highest setting. The fans will be spinning and will create a fair amount of noise. You just have to read through the reviews and see which one makes the least noise on the highest setting.

Best Range Hoods Comparison Chart

FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood

$$$$$30″850Tempered Glass
Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood

$$$$30″950Stainless Steel
FIREBIRD New European Style Range Hood

$$36″343Stainless Steel
ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood

$$$$36″760Stainless Steel
Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

$30″200Stainless Steel
Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

$$$30″900Stainless Steel

Wrap Up

As you can see, finding the best range hood is actually not that difficult – you just need to consider the right factors as well as the kitchen that you are installing it in. For example, a bigger kitchen might need a different type of range hood as compared to a smaller kitchen.

Hopefully, our range hood reviews have managed to prove useful to you. Each product mentioned has managed to gain the attention of the users – some of them for their design, others for the features that they come in. You just need to decide exactly what is more important for you – and this way, you should be able to come up with a good product.